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The emergence of new media has brought about reforms in information dissemination. The rapid development of the Internet in decades has brought us into an era of information explosion.
Every day on the Internet, a lot of fresh events and discourses are presented in front of us, dazzling. For most of the information, we can only accept it and we have no time to dwell on it.




What type of information do you usually acquire on the Internet? Where do you acquire them? In the process, what problems have you encountered? Can you use a metaphor to describe your feeling about them?


I selected a few typical images that we oftenencoutner on the internet that might make people feel overwhelmed and dazzled, and tried to combine them with materials which people associate with the feeling of chaos and disorder.


Materials & Form

To create some pattern that will cause feelings of being dazzled,  I use bamboo strips to weave some patterns and make them move in an interactive way.
When designing the patterns, I used some common pattern of bamboo weaving crafts. Moire pattern, a pattern which is commonly seen on digital screens, is another inspiration.

Mechanics & Codes

I used pulleys, bearings and some axles to build the structure, and used arduino, a sound sensor, a digital rheostat and two electric motors to control the movement of the bamboos. More noise the sound sensor detects, faster the bamboos move.





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