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Google Design Exercise

Designed a school facility maintenance issue report and management system.

UX Design | UI Design





Your school wants to improve the upkeep of campus facilities by creating a new system for reporting any facilities that may need maintenance or repair. Design an experience that allows students to report building or equipment issues on campus. Consider the process of those filing the report and of those receiving and taking action on the issues.

1 week (Feb 2 - Feb 9, 2020)




Sketch, Figma

Wireframing & User Testing

High-Fidelity Prototyping


How can students report maintenance issue currently?

Desk Research On Current Solutions

For Georgia Tech students, information about maintenance can be found on multiple websites, including the ones of Office of Facility & Management, Georgia Tech Housing, and Enterprise Service Desk.

About the maintenance management, different teams are in charge of different areas on campus. Student can refer to a maintenance area map and find the contact information they need for an area.


What are the painpoints and opportunities in the current process?

As-Is User Journey

After learning about how maintenance system works currently, to identify the pain points for different user groups in every step, I visualized the current maintenance process. 



Design Concept

Based on how the maintenance request and management work currently and the painpoints above, I brainstormed some main functions and drafted an information architecture of the app.




Getting User Feedback & Iterating

To do a quick iteration before further design, I showed the wireframes to a few student users and walk them through the user flow. Here are some design decisions based on their feedback.


Maintenance issue report as part of the app’s functionality

Users don’t think they will be willing to download an app only to report maintenance issues. The app's main function should be something they can use more frequently.

Combine quick report and regular report

Users felt the the quick report doesn’t need to be on its own. Integrating it into the regular report will be more natural, and it can also simplify the process a little.

Allow user to input how emergent the issue is to them

Even if the issue is not really an emergency, user may still want to tell the staff how fast they hope it can be solved.

Reduce information in the work order card

There were too many information in the work order card. Prioritized the most important ones and remove some of them.



Fill the form to report an issue

Use a standard way to help users quickly make a comprehensive issue report.

Before, users need to write or talk about the issue to tell the maintenance staff about the situation. The new product offers an easy and efficient way for them to report an issue, which will make it more convenient for maintenance staff to manage as well.

Recommend alternative solutions

Help user find what they might be looking for when they encounter an issue.

When user encounter an issue, they might be need to find an alternative solution for the task they are trying to do. Based on other main core function of this app - a campus resource map -system can give user information about some relevant places, appliances or services after user submits the report. 


Make a call for an emergency

Provide a quick pathway for emergency issue.

For the emergency situation, a regular way to fill a form can be not efficient enough. A more direct way should be there for those situations.

Create work order from issue report

Maintenance manager gets notified of new reports and manages work in an organized way.

Existing work orders and open issue reports that haven't been managed are separate in the main screen. From unmanaged reports, the maintenance manager can create work orders and assign them to available workers.



For student

For manager

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